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Enhance the style of your MRK1's with the AROCOVER!

The AROCOVER is an optional aesthetic accessory to provide a nostalgic racing flare to your vehicle when running the KONIG MRK1. 
The AROCOVER will fit any MRK1 regardless of its size, bolt pattern, or offset!  The AROCOVER replaces the center lug cover plate of the MRK1 and is secured with the center cap that already comes with your wheel.  Made with heavy-duty ABS plastic, the AROCOVER features airflow veins on the back of the cover, alignment tabs that will keep the disc from spinning under air pressure, and rubber pads to prevent the cover from rubbing against the finish of the spokes of your MRK1.
While the AROCOVER has been computer-model CFD tested during its development on the MRK1 with positive results, we have not done any real-world testing.  We are not claiming the effectiveness of the AROCOVER other than its use for style and appearance.
CFD results demonstrated an improvement in clean airflow around the outside of the wheel and an increase in air movement from the inner wheel well, potentially helping with some level of heat dissipation due to the veins on the rear of the AROCOVER while at speed.  The AROCOVER is primarily an aesthetic item and should be purchased as such. 

*Price is for one (1) AROCOVER*

*Wheels not included* 

*Currently only compatible with MRK1 Wheel*