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KÖNIG Wheels is currently one of the most recognizable aftermarket wheel brands in the world. For over 40 years Konig has set their standards high and watched enthusiasts from all over the world embrace not only their wheel styles but also the lifestyle that comes along with them. The story of König is far more than all the wheels we have made. The real story of König is about car enthusiasts who are behind every design, every wheel, and every aspect of the automotive tuning lifestyle.

Konig is best known as a leader and a driving force behind the evolution of the sport compact community in the U.S. Since 1982, Konig has produced some of the highest quality aftermarket wheels in the world. Konig started out as a company focused on developing wheels for kids accessorizing import vehicles for the first time. After decades of track-proven and street-driven success, Konig has grown into a company that produces wheels for a multitude of vehicle segments, in countries all over the globe, and works hand in hand with the largest wheel and tires retailers and wholesalers on the globe! 

There are many wheel brands in the automotive industry. In addition to their own wheel brands (Konig, Advanti Racing, Maxxim, Bravado Performance, and Mamba Off-road) Konig American also manufactures wheels for use by OEMs as well as some of the largest wheel brands all in the world.

All of the products produced at our factories are the result of the latest technology, to exceed strict standards that are needed to ensure the safest product on today’s vehicles. Being on the cutting edge of wheel technology and the ability to continually improve is something we’re obsessed with. Over the past decade, that obsession enabled Konig to be one of the leaders in offering consumers Flow Forming Technology wheels at a price level that had never been available.

Our goal is simple. Produce the best product available on the market today, with the most forward styling, and an uncompromising level of quality!

We thank you for your years of continued support!

Konig American, a subsidiary of YHI International, is the manufacturer of the Konig, Advanti Racing, Mamba Off-road, Bravado Performance, and Maxxim Wheel Lines as well as other private label brands. For more info on YHI Intl: http://www.yhigroup.com/


Interested in selling any of Konig American's product lines? Konig produces the highest quality products in the industry. For over 3 decades Konig has built relationships with businesses and consumers alike. Take advantage of that history and brand awareness!


Konig American offers the most up to date, state of the art technology production processes and services. All products are made to exceed O.E. and J2530 standards. Its easy to see why so many companies look to Konig American to produce product for them.


Interested in starting a wheel line, developing a specialized fitment or design for your customer base, or maybe even looking for another supplier to build products for your existing lines? Look no further! Konig American has been doing all these things for decades.

Private Label Wheel Opportunities With Konig American

Konig American is a subsidiary of YHI International Ltd. YHI is one of the largest aftermarket wheel manufacturers in the world. Being the factory greatly enables Konig’s ability to take any wheel design, style, concept or need from start to finish.

– Seamless Supply Chain
– YHI owns the Mold Factory to create wheel molds.
– 5 Factories throughout China, Taiwan, & Malaysia
– ISO9001, TUV, VIA & TS16949 Certified
– In house, state-of-the-art F.E.M. analysis software & engineering capabilities.
– Approximate 4.4 MILLION wheels per annum production & approximately 2,945,000 SQ/FT of production and warehousing capacity.

– Proven history producing wheels for many well known and existing wheel brands.
– Decades of experience in the wheel industry.
– Complete full-service logistics.
– Friendly and individual customer service.
– Complete knowledge of modern day issues such as; TPMS, vehicle load ratings, vehicle stability systems, aggressive brake fitment.
– Tremendous in house capabilities such as; Wheel design, logo & artwork design, specific vehicle wheel fitment, production, shipping logistics, warehousing, etc.
– Substantial product liability insurance.


With any company, small or large, organizing details and logistics can be overwhelming. Developing designs, ensuring that all wheels have acceptable load ratings, TPMS sensor fitment, designing logos or artwork, organizing how many wheels needed for a given production run, dealing with customs, working with trucking companies to move your product around and even organizing and landing the product at the port takes a great deal of time. Companies that organize these details constantly have full-time logistic departments to deal with these issues.

With Konig American most of these logistical nightmares are not your problem. You can work on being the creative and selling your wheel line, while Konig takes care of all the labor-intensive arrangements and production. Our staff becomes an extension of your staff.

Perception is everything and many times the wheel companies you see on the market are a lot smaller then they appear. The way these smaller companies can have quality products and maintain such a wonderful perception is often due to companies like Konig American.

Konig American is a friendly company that is always willing to offer their years of proven experience. If you are interested in finding out more about doing a private label line, or even just a single particular wheel style, Konig may be able to help.

Feel free to call 1-800-645-3878 and ask to speak to a Private Label Wheel representative.

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