Konig Wheels is pleased to offer all active NASA members a benefits program to help support their racing programs. Konig has actively supported NASA racers for almost 20 years and is committed to continuing that support. We fully realize the importance of grassroots motorsports and we’ve strived to create products that are truly track-worthy. The goal here is to help you obtain product needed to compete at a price level that helps to keep you on the track.

Our marketing program can be your marketing vehicle to success. We look forward to regular communication to and from those we support. We strongly encourage you to supply us with updates and images that we can use in our marketing efforts. Cross marketing is a great “free” way for you to make your team known to others and we’re here to help.

Active NASA members will be eligible to receive a partial sponsorship of up to 12 wheels per season. This partial sponsorship is in exchange for running Konig Logos on the vehicle, providing high-resolution media of the vehicle with the Konig product installed, and providing a short 50 – 100 word recap of each event with a few images from that event. We thank you for your support and look forward to having you as part of the Konig family! All details are available in the NASA application below. ** All applications are subject to approval **

The NASA Program: König has multiple levels of sponsorship to ensure that the appropriate parties get the correct amount of product to fit their needs. Please make sure you have read, and filled out all information prior to returning these forms. The understanding and acceptance of all requirements, responsibilities, and regulations are part of this program. Sponsorship with product deals is in exchange for your cooperation of conditions and representation of KÖNIG at events.


For questions about fitment, this program or anything else related please email: Sponsorship@Konigwheels.com** Please use this email address for all communication, unless otherwise instructed. Although we would love to be able to answer phone calls, due to extreme volume we must ask you to email only.

Important things to know

  1. König will respond to emails within 3 business days.
  2. Wheels available in this program are shown below. ONLY the listed wheels, sizes, finishes, and offsets are available through this sponsorship program.
  3. Pricing will be provided.
  5. Wheels will not come with center caps.
  6. Hub centric rings and lug nuts are not sold or provided by Konig. The use of hub-centric rings is strongly recommended. Aluminum hub centric rings can be found at store.konigwheels.com
  7. You must be a NASA member with a valid NASA membership to be eligible for this program. (Memberships will be verified)
  8. It is your responsibility to have Konig decals on your vehicle. If Konig isn’t able to supply decals then they will supply an EPS logo file that you can use to have decals made at your cost.

Sponsorship Requirements

-(4) König decals must be placed on the vehicle no smaller then 2”x6” (it is suggested at 4 corners of vehicle in visible spot). Windshield Banners or other placements may be required in certain situations.

– High-resolution media must be supplied to Konig of the vehicle with the Konig product on it. 

– Email and mini recap (approx 50-100 words) after each event and include a few images which we can share / post / place on our website.

– Cooperation and representation of König at shows/events if asked by König (and is possible and/or reasonable from both parties and is acceptable to vehicle owner).

If you are interested in applying for the Konig NASA Sponsorship Program, please apply below.

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