HUB RING SET (4PCS) - 73MM O.D. / 60.1MM

HUB RING SET (4PCS) - 73MM O.D. / 60.1MM

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Hub-centric rings are used for centering your wheel onto the hub of the vehicle in order to eliminate vibration and improve ride comfort. These hub-centric rings can be used with most aftermarket wheels on the market today where the center bore of the wheel is larger than the vehicle's hub diameter.  

KONIG Hub-centric rings are made of high-quality ABS plastic which ensures rigidity.  Additionally, our hub-centric rings have tension tabs that are designed to prevent the hub ring from falling out of the wheel during the installation of the wheel.

** It is recommended that for normal use and street applications that plastic hub-centric rings be used.  Plastic hub-centric rings help to prevent the wheel and tire assembly from getting stuck to the hub of the vehicle. **

What's In The Bag:

- Set of 4 plastic hub rings (73mm O.D. to 60.1 mm ID)

 Tips For Using Hub Centric Rings:

- Always ensure that the hub-centric ring is the correct size, installed correctly and that the wheel sits completely flat on the hub.