HUB RING - ALUMINUM SET (4pcs) - 73.1mm O.D. / 64.1mm

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Hub centric rings are used for centering your wheel onto the hub of the vehicle in order to eliminate vibration and improve ride comfort. Can be used with most aftermarket wheels on the market today where the center bore of the wheel is larger than the vehicle's hub diameter.  

Aluminum hub-centric rings are recommended for applications that are exposed to high braking temperatures and/or frequent removals and installations of wheels and tires, as experienced when participating in various forms of motorsports.

** It is advised that aluminum hub centric rings be installed with a light coating of anti-seize to prevent corrosion and issues with the wheel becoming stuck onto the vehicle's hub. **

** It is recommended that for normal use and street applications that plastic hub-centric rings be used.  Plastic hub-centric rings help to prevent the wheel and tire assembly from getting stuck to the hub of the vehicle. **

** Does not fit on Konig Helium and Konig Rewind.  ** 


What's In The Box:

- Set of 4 aluminum hub rings (73.1mm O.D. to 64.1 mm ID)

 Tips For Using Hub Centric Rings:

- Always ensure that the hub-centric ring is the correct size, installed correctly and that the wheel sits completely flat on the hub.

- To avoid having the hub centric ring corrode onto the hub or wheel, lightly coat hub centric rings with anti-seize prior to installation. 

- For use in performance applications that experience high braking temperatures and/or frequent removing and installation of wheels & tires.